Check thousands of pages in one go

Crawl your entire website for SEO issues that can hurt your rankings. Check the Health score for a high-level view of your site's SEO health.

Check thousands of pages in one go

Check for more than 100 predefined SEO issues

Analyze every page on your site for 100+ SEO issues related to:

  • Titles & descriptions: missing, duplicate, too long, or too short

  • Internal and external links: broken links & pages, redirects, etc.

  • Performance: slow pages, size of resource files

  • Social tags: issues with Open Graph & Twitter cards

  • Canonicals: duplicate pages & canonicalization issues

  • Localization: Hreflang issues

  • Indexability and crawlability: noindex & nofollow pages, sitemaps

  • Images: image sizes, alt texts

  • And more!

You can also analyze the mobile version of your website.

See the importance of each flagged issue, and get recommendations on how to fix them.

analyze the mobile version

Create and save custom issues at your discretion.

Get visual

Understand the scale and depth of SEO issues with informative charts. Find the most common problems on your site at a glance.

Get visual

Run SEO audits from anywhere, anytime

Crawl your website without hardware or bandwidth limitations. Our SEO Checker runs in the cloud.

What does that mean for you?

  • Your hardware does not restrict your website analysis.

  • You don’t need fast internet, and the crawl consumes no traffic.

  • You don’t have to worry about app crashes mid-crawl.

  • You don’t need to keep your computer on for the crawl.

  • You can even run an SEO analysis from your smartphone!

Segment and filter crawl data

Get access to the raw data collected by our SEO Checker while crawling your website. Mix and match custom filters to view URLs with specific attributes and issues.

Segment and filter crawl data

Create segments to analyze different sections of your site for SEO issues separately.

analyze different sections

Schedule the regular SEO checks

Set up the daily, weekly, or monthly crawls to keep track of your site's SEO health. See what’s changed on your website between checks.

Schedule the regular SEO checks

Crawl JavaScript-powered websites for unparalleled accuracy

Analyze Javascript links and content for a more comprehensive and accurate audit. This is especially important for sites using JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React.

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