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Verificador de Links Partidos

Check your site for broken inbound and outbound links in seconds.

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Powered by industry-leading link data

Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker is powered by the <a1>largest live backlinks database</a1> in the industry.

Our crawler is the <a1>second most active</a1> after Google, and we update our backlinks database with fresh data every 15 minutes.

Translation: We’re discovering new broken links all the time.


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Say goodbye to broken links

Instantly see every broken outbound link on your site. Sort and filter the list to prioritize fixes.

Check back regularly to find new broken links as we discover them. Nip them in the bud before they negatively impact your SEO.

Unbreak your broken pages

See the most linked-to dead pages on your site.

Reinstate or redirect them to suitable alternatives to reclaim “link equity” — and potentially improve rankings.

Elimine links internos mortos

See all broken pages with links from elsewhere on your site.

Improve navigation and crawlability by removing the links, or by reinstating or redirecting the dead pages.

Schedule the discovery of new broken links

Run daily, weekly or monthly crawls to check for new dead links — both internal and external.

Compare the difference in the number of issues between crawls to track progress.

Encontre e resolva redirecionamentos partidos

Check for domains that you don't recall linking to — they may have been redirected.

Remove or replace the links to improve user experience, and to make sure you're not linking to harmful websites that could hurt your SEO.

Construa mais links

Turn your competitors’ most linked broken pages into broken link building opportunities.

Create something similar to one of their dead pages, then ask those linking to that page to link to you instead.

Learn more in our <a1>guide to broken link building.</a1>

Exporte dados em dois cliques

Get any Ahrefs report as a CSV in seconds. Send the file to a colleague or freelancer to outsource critical SEO tasks.

Guias de Construção de Links

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The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

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9 Easy Link Building Strategies (That Anyone Can Use)

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