Conectores Google Data Studio da Ahrefs

Add powerful backlink, keyword and technical SEO data to your Google Data Studio dashboards.

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Os conectores Ahrefs Data Studio estão disponíveis para planos Avançados ou superiores.

Conector do Explorador de Sites

Get search traffic, keyword and backlink data of any page or website. Site Explorer is an essential data source for any competitor analysis reports.

Conector do Rastreador de Classificações

Track your ranking progress on both desktop and mobile across 170 countries. Add the search visibility metric next to your organic conversion data to create the ultimate SEO KPIs overview.

Conector do Auditor de Sites

Monitor your technical SEO performance and progress. Use the Health Score as a helpful proxy metric or dive deeper into 130+ predefined SEO issues.

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Go through our Google Data Studio guides and detailed information to learn everything you need to know for making your GDS reports better with Ahrefs data.

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