Can’t decide between Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz?

Let’s be real: software comparison pages like this are usually biased. When bloggers create them, they gravitate towards the option with the best affiliate commissions. When vendors create them, their tool wins hands down. Yet, people often ask us:

How is Ahrefs better than SEMrush or Moz?

It’s a fair question, and while there’s no way for us to answer it entirely without bias (obviously, we think our tool is best), we didn’t want to create yet another tedious side-by-side comparison of features. Instead, we thought we’d keep things simple and share the results of a few SEO industry polls and some useful features that you’ll only find in Ahrefs.

The latest SEO industry polls

“The State of Link Building” by Aira

Ahrefs came out #1 in every poll where it was mentioned.

Source: <a>The State of Link Building Report{nonBreakSpace}2021</a>{nonBreakSpace}by{nonBreakSpace}Aira

The ratings on software review websites

Data supplied as of March 15, 2021

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8 Things That Only Ahrefs Can Do

There’s a lot of overlapping functionality between Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz, and that makes it quite hard to compare them and choose the best tool for you. So instead of trying to compare all three tools side-by-side, we thought we'd showcase a few of the unique things you can do in Ahrefs.

1. Get unique metrics for keywords

Make better keyword choices with unique keyword metrics. Learn how many searches result in clicks, the average number of clicks per search, the click distribution between paid and organic results, and how often people search the same keyword in 30 days with Return Rate (RR).

You can also use "Parent topic" to see whether you can rank for your target keyword while targeting a more general topic, and for grouping similar keywords to target on the same page.

2. Find backlink opportunities on high-traffic pages

Reverse-engineer your competitors’ backlinks for link building opportunities on pages with lots of search traffic. Just enter a competing domain in Site Explorer, then sort the Backlinks report by estimated traffic.

3. Research content and find link prospects in Content Explorer

Search our database of over 5 billion pages for content mentioning your target keywords. Filter the results by SEO metrics like organic traffic, Domain Rating (DR), and backlinks to find thousands of relevant link prospects in seconds.

4. Compare a website’s current and historical rankings

Choose a time period for comparison to see current and historic rankings for any keyword. Learn how ranking fluctuations have affected search traffic over time.

5. Analyze and monitor your outbound links

Check for outbound links to broken pages and websites you don’t recognize. Fix or remove them to make your site better.

6. View top subfolders by search traffic

Get a better understanding of your competitors' website structure, and see which sections of their site attract the most search traffic in each country. You can see below that an estimated 42% of our global organic traffic goes to our blog.

7. Check a website's ranking history for any keyword

See how rankings are progressing for your target keyword, and compare progress with competitors. You can see that there's a fierce battle going on between and us for the top spot for "SEO checklist."

8. Research & automate internal linking

Browse any website's internal links without having to crawl it. In Site Explorer, you can see which pages have the most internal links and check what those links are. And if you crawl your website in Site Audit, the “Link Opportunities” report automatically generates internal link ideas for you.

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