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Ahrefs Certification

Learn how to use Ahrefs’ tools, data, and SEO metrics to improve SEO.

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Our certification course is currently in beta. All of the course materials are available to Ahrefs users and a certification exam will be added in the future.

55 lessons

In 9 modules

7h 04m

Total length

Course materials are available to Ahrefs users:
Webmaster tools or Subscription

Course breakdown

Exploring Your Ahrefs Account

Navigating Your Way Around Ahrefs


Dashboard and Projects


Course by

Sam Oh

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Sam Oh is VP of Marketing at Ahrefs. He incorporates his commitment to education and love for entrepreneurship into actionable and easy-to-digest tutorials. With over a decade of practical experience in SEO and digital marketing, there’s nothing that excites him more than perfectly optimized and scalable processes.

Greg is working at the laptop.

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