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Web Explorer

How to use Web Explorer

Web Explorer is our latest content discovery tool that lets you search through our entire search engine—’s— database of 500 billion pages for your topic. Including similar ones that might have been omitted on purpose by Google.

How to use Web Explorer-1

Think of it like an advanced search engine made for SEOs, since you can search after pages, backlinks, and outlinks—all in one place.

To use it, type in a keyword and add the following advanced search operators under the “+” dropdown.

How to use Web Explorer-2

Any of these operators can be combined. You can also use operators (AND, OR, +, –, and brackets) for nesting, much like Google search operators.

How to use Web Explorer-3

For convenience, we’ve grouped the most actionable use cases under the Examples tab. Just type in your keyword which will pre fill them automatically. Then hit Search.

How to use Web Explorer-4

Once you hit search, you’ll get to the results page that is split into four sections.

How to use Web Explorer-5

  • Filters – For further drilling on the pages that are of interest to you.
  • Number of results – Based on the applied filters.
  • Export feature – For the filtered results.
  • Page report table – Has metrics such as word count, DR, UR, referring domains, external links, and so on.

For custom search queries like this one that you’ve taken time to build, click on Save report to save them.

How to use Web Explorer-6

In the following lesson, you’ll get some actionable link building use cases.

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