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Keyword Generator is an integral part of Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer.

It is powered by the largest international keyword database. It contains 7.4 billion keywords from 170 countries, and keeps on growing. This is the simple secret behind the impressive number of relevant keyword suggestions you can get with our Keyword Generator.

Six keyword generation algorithms

Our Keyword Generator uses six different suggestion algorithms. You can choose the one that works best for you, or get keyword ideas from all these methods combined.

Six keyword generation algorithms
  • Phrase match — Use this method to get keyword ideas that include an exact match with seed keywords or key phrases.

  • Having same terms — Generates a list of keywords and key phrases that contain the terms of your seed keywords in any order.

  • Also rank for — Use this comprehensive algorithm to uncover keywords that bring traffic to the top 10 pages ranking for your seed keywords. This is a goldmine of even more keywords associated with a given topic. With it you can go far beyond your seed keywords, but still stay topic-focused.

  • Search suggestions — Shows a list of keyword ideas that show up in Google’s “autocomplete” feature when you type a search query.

  • Newly discovered — Shows a list of keyword ideas containing your "seed" keyword (phrase match) which we recently added to our database.

  • Questions — Use this to get search queries that are phrased as a question.

No other tool can generate so many keyword ideas for you.

Precise keyword metrics and smart filters

Keyword Generator not only generates a list of keyword ideas for you. It also shows you the most important metrics for these keywords.

For every keyword suggested, you see its search volume and Keyword Difficulty score. From these two metrics alone you can find gem keywords and phrases with high traffic potential and low ranking difficulty. And it’s a goldmine for finding long-tail keyword opportunities.

The most precise keyword metrics and smart filters

You can drill down into the list of keyword ideas with more advanced metrics, such as Cost Per Click, Clicks (per month), Clicks Per Search, and Return Rate.

Combine the “Word count” filter with the “Include” and “Exclude” fields to get laser-focused keyword suggestions.

Drill down the list of keyword ideas

Get suggestions based on multiple seed keywords

Enter up to ten seed keywords into Keywords Explorer and it will generate a list of relevant keyword ideas for you.

Different keyword generation algorithms help you find the best matches for your website.

Get suggestions based on multiple seed keywords

Get location-specific keyword ideas

Ahrefs Keyword Generator shows you keyword suggestions for more than 170 countries. Make the most of your local keyword research with this feature.

Get location-specific keyword ideas

Compile keyword lists on the go

To save the best keyword ideas, add keywords from our Keyword Generator to your custom lists on the go. You can later export and manage these lists any way you like.

Compile keyword lists on the go

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