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How to use Dashboard

This is the central hub for all your projects. You can get a quick overview of the growth, stagnation, or decline for important metrics for your projects.

How to use Dashboard-1

The metrics you see are pulled from Site Explorer, Rank Tracker, and Site Audit. The Site Explorer metrics are updated every 12 hours, whereas the Rank Tracker and Site Audit metrics are based on the latest update or last crawl.

See Google Search Console performance data on your dashboard

If you’ve connected your Google account with Ahrefs, you’ll be able to see your Google Search Console data on the dashboard.

Just click on the “GSC performance” tab.

How to use Dashboard-2

Use the filters to narrow down the data you want to see.

How to use Dashboard-3

Disavow URLs or domains pointing at your projects

Click on “Disavowed links”.

How to use Dashboard-4

This will bring you to all our “Disavowed Links” tool where you can upload a disavowed links file or manually add links you want to disavow.

How to use Dashboard-5

This will hide them in the backlinks and referring domains reports for the target project domain. Note that this function does not mean we’re submitting links to disavow on your behalf. You have to do that manually using Google’s disavow tool.

You can do that by clicking export, which will download a properly formatted .txt file that you can upload directly with Google.

How to use Dashboard-6

Set up quick alerts

Want us to email you whenever your project has new/lost backlinks, new keywords, Rank Tracker updates or Site Audit crawls? You can do that by clicking on the ellipsis and setting up an alert from your Dashboard.

How to use Dashboard-7

Highlight your most important projects

If you’re managing several projects but want to see the important ones fast, click on the “Star” icon.

How to use Dashboard-8

You’ll then be able to surface these projects fast by clicking on “Starred”. You can even pin them to the Dashboard by toggling on “Pin starred”.

How to use Dashboard-9

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