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How to use the Search suggestions report

In this report, we show autocomplete suggestions for your target query.

While Google only shows a handful of suggestions, we show nearly all keyword ideas along with SEO metrics.

How to use KE Search suggestions-1

To ensure a more comprehensive report, we also include search suggestions that do show up in Google, but are not currently in our database.

How to use KE Search suggestions-2

Below are some actionable ways to use this report.

Find high-volume, low-competition keyword ideas

Set the search volume filter to a minimum value of 500 and the Keyword Difficulty (KD) filter to a maximum of 10.

How to use KE Search suggestions-3

Then skim through the list for relevant topics.

How to use KE Search suggestions-4

The numbers suggested for the search volume and KD filters will vary based on the breadth of your niche. Feel free to play around with the filters until you get a list of keywords you’re satisfied with.

Find keywords with SERP features

SERP features are anything in the search engine results pages that are not traditional search results. They provide additional and related information on the search query.

Depending on your goals, you can filter for different types of SERP features. For example, you can filter for featured snippets, knowledge panels, people also ask boxes, and so on.

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Find informational keywords

Informational queries are those that searchers use to gain more knowledge on a topic. Typically, they have modifiers like:

  • how
  • what
  • who
  • where
  • why
  • guide
  • tutorial
  • resource
  • ideas
  • tips
  • learn
  • examples

Enter these modifiers in the “Include” box. Select “Any word.”

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Click “Apply”, then “Show results” to see queries that include one or more of the modifiers in your list.

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To get the most out of this tip, use a broad target keyword or keywords.

Find transactional keywords

Transactional keywords are queries where searchers likely have purchase intent (i.e., they're looking to buy something). Typically, they have modifiers like:

  • buy
  • coupon
  • order
  • purchase
  • cheap
  • price
  • pricing

Enter these words in the Include box. Select “Any word”.

How to use KE Search suggestions-8

Click “Apply”, then hit “Show results”.

How to use KE Search suggestions-9

See SEO metrics for the top-ranking pages

Click the “SERP” button beside any keyword to see the SERP Overview. This shows the first page of search results for your keyword along with important SEO metrics.

How to use KE Search suggestions-10

Analyze these metrics to assess the ranking difficulty of your target keyword.

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