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Keywords Explorer

Introduction to Keywords Explorer

Keywords Explorer is our keywords research tool that gives you in-depth metrics on any keyword and can help you generate meaningful keyword ideas from our database of 29 billion keywords.

The easiest way to start out is to search for a keyword.

How to use KE: Intro-1

Depending on how many keywords you search for, the Overview report will vary.

If you search for a single keyword, you’ll see the top-level metrics for this keyword.

How to use KE: Intro-2

If you search for multiple keywords though, you’ll see a table view of the same top-level metrics. Only this time, for all the keywords.

How to use KE: Intro-3

Brainstorm seed keyword ideas with AI

In some cases, keyword research might not be so straightforward.

If you’re not sure where to start, select an AI prompt first. These range from subtopics and niche areas, all the way to psychological and controversial angles.

How to use KE: Intro-4

Then type in your keyword, hit the orange button, and let AI brainstorm keyword ideas related to your prompt.

How to use KE: Intro-5

Organize keyword ideas into keyword lists

You can also organize valuable keyword ideas into lists, so they’re easier to find and share.

How to use KE: Intro-6

To add a new keyword list, click on New list to open the keyword list creation modal.

How to use KE: Intro-7

Add your keywords, name your list, and select which users you want to share the list with.


Keyword lists can be private, shared with specific groups of people, or shared with all workspace members. Guest users will only have access to lists explicitly shared with them.

Once created, you can click on it to access this list’s top-level keyword metrics.

How to use KE: Intro-8

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