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Ahrefs’ Crawler and Index

Crawler FAQs

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These are some frequently asked questions on our support chat that might help with your final exam.

Question: Why hasn’t Ahrefs found my link? I see it in Google Search Console.
Answer: Our scheduler prioritizes the most authoritative pages that have a higher quality of backlinks pointing to them.

It’s important to also understand the difference between discovery vs. crawling/parsing.

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One of the times our crawler discovers new pages is when our parser discovers a link on a page. So the higher the authority of a page, the easier it is for a link on it to get discovered.

In general, Ahrefs will likely crawl your page if it comes from a high-authority domain.

If you want to get it crawled faster, one way to do it is to raise crawl demand by getting high-quality backlinks to the page.

Question: Why has my link been reported as lost?
Answer: Lost links occur on two occasions:

  1. When something happens to the referring page (like a 404)
  2. When something happens with the link, while the referring page remains live and unchanged (like a swap/removed link)

Redirects from unsecured (HTTP) to secure protocols (HTTPS) count as one lost link and one new link.

Question: Why is Ahrefs’ link data different from other tools?
Answer: Our method of counting links is different from other tools.

  • We trust all redirects and consolidate to the canonical URL.
  • Links we try not to store:
    • Links with URL parameters
    • Links from pages in infinite crawl paths
  • Links we don’t store:
    • Links in PDFs or other docs
    • Links in iframes
    • Links from pages not indexed
    • Same links from multiple IPs
    • Multiple links to the same page from a single page

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