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Content Explorer

How to use Content Explorer

Content Explorer is our content discovery tool that lets you search for any topic across 14.4 billion pages.

How to use Content Explorer-1

Think of it as a search engine made for marketers. It displays not only SEO metrics, but also content-related ones like: authors, published date, word count, and so on.

You can apply these filters directly from the Content Explorer landing page.

How to use Content Explorer-2

Or, use the filters in the top bar once you’ve run a search.

How to use Content Explorer-3

For convenience, we’ve grouped the most actionable use cases under the Use cases tab. Just type in your keyword which will pre fill them automatically.

How to use Content Explorer-4

You can also use the advanced search operators to create your own queries.

How to use Content Explorer-5

In the following lessons, you’ll get some actionable content marketing and link building use cases.

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