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How to use the Ads report

The Ads report shows you all the ads of a target website or URL in paid search results.

How to use SE: Ads-1

Here are some actionable use cases.

See the ad copy your competitors are using

See the exact ad copy your competitors are using for their paid ads. This is a great way to find inspiration for your own ad copy.

How to use SE: Ads-2

See all the keywords for each ad

Click on an ad to see all the keywords your competitors are bidding on with the same copy. They might be worth targeting in your own ads.

If you were a competitor to, these could be “task list project management”, “tool task”, “online task management tool”, “reminder app for computer” for the UK.

How to use SE: Ads-3

See all the URLs for each ad

Click on ad to see all the destination URLs your competitors are bidding on for each ad. In most cases, you’ll only see one destination page. But there are exceptions too.

For example, uses the same ad for two landing pages: one about work management and one about a comparison page.

How to use SE: Ads-4

Identify the ads that generate the most traffic

Learn from your competitor’s top ads. Sort by Traffic to uncover ads that generate the most paid traffic and track how it evolved over time on the chart.

How to use SE: Ads-5

Find keywords on a specific topic

Imagine you run a hotel in San Francisco. A potential paid search competitor might be Expedia. However, Expedia is a global company that targets searchers from virtually everywhere.

Since you’re only competing with Expedia in San Francisco, it would make sense to look for San Francisco-related keywords.

To do this, add a comma-separated list of keywords related to your main topic under Keyword filters > Keyword > Contains > Any rule (e.g., San Francisco, hotel).

How to use SE: Ads-6

This will show you the ad copy for all queries that contain "San Francisco" and "hotels."

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