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How to use the Page Inspect tool

The Page Inspect report shows you how a page’s HTML code and text content has changed over time.

Compare the content of a page between any two points in time

If you’re looking at a page’s organic traffic and notice a hockey-stick growth all of a sudden, it might be worth analyzing it in more detail to pinpoint the reasons behind the growth.

How to use SE PageInspect-1

To do so, go to the Page Inspect tool and compare two versions of the page’s content — one before the growth and one after.

In this example, we went with our blog article on “SEO consultants” and picked the first date around September first, and the other near the beginning of August.

How to use SE PageInspect-2

Then, go to the Page text button to see the changes. Text that was deleted is highlighted in red, while text that was added is highlighted in green.

How to use SE PageInspect-3

In our case, we did a full content update on this post to better match search intent, which helped us jump into rankings and improve our organic traffic.

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