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How to use the Paid pages report

The Paid pages report shows you which pages of a target website, URL, or subsection get the most paid search traffic.

How to use SE: Paid pages-1

Here are some actionable use cases.

See the pages your competitors are sending paid traffic to

Enter a competitor’s website and uncover the top pages they’re sending paid traffic to.

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For example, is heavily advertising its Spanish homepage. If you were one of its competitors, you could check it out and find some inspiration.

Compare your competitors’ top paid pages traffic

See how your competitor’s top 10 paid pages have progressed over time in terms of search traffic using the Compare pages mode under the Performance chart.

Analyzing, it seems that the landing page about “alternative project management tools” was heavily advertised ever since 2020, with a peak paid traffic of 118,051 visits on 17rd September.

How to use SE: Paid pages-3

The page was heavily advertised for the summer of 2022 as well.

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See top paid pages by traffic from 243 countries

By default, the Paid pages report shows you the top pages by paid traffic globally.

Pick a country from the dropdown to see all rankings in almost any other country.

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