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How to use the Internal backlinks report

The Internal backlinks report shows you the internal links on the target domain, URL, or subsection.

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Here are some actionable use cases for this report.

Find nofollow internal links

Nofollow internal links block Google from crawling content on your site and prevent the transfer of link equity.

To find them, just add a Nofollow filter. Then analyze the report and remove the nofollow attribute on the link where relevant.

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Find broken or redirected pages

Find broken or redirected pages without having to run a crawl. Apply the Target HTTP code filter and either select 404 Not found (for broken pages) or 3XX redirect (for redirects). Then clean them up.

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See if top-ranking pages are ranking due to internal links

If you see a page ranking well in the organic search results with few or no referring domains, it might be thanks to strong internal links.

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Here, it looks like has linked to their list of "best manga" from a number of internal pages that all have backlinks.

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