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How to use the New Keywords alert

This alert notifies you via email when the specified domain, subdomain (e.g.,, subfolder (e.g., or URL ranks for new keywords.

Below are some actionable ways to use this alert.

Monitor keywords you rank for

Keep an eye on keyword movements and new keyword rankings in the top 100. Just enter a domain or URL to track, select your target country, then hit "Add."

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You can also choose to track only keywords with specific monthly search volumes.

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You’ll now receive emails when we discover new keyword rankings or movements.

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If you see any keywords in your emails that you'd like to track long-term, add them to a Rank Tracker project.

Monitor the keywords your competitors rank for

Get a constant stream of new topic ideas by monitoring new keywords that your competitors rank for. Just enter a competing domain, subfolder, subdomain or URL.

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These alerts can also give you insight into your competitor's content marketing strategy and the keywords they're actively targeting.

Consider targeting any relevant keywords that you don't already rank for.

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