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How to use the Grossing report

In this report, we show the changes in ranking positions for your tracked keywords over time.

How to use RT Grossing-1

This allows you to spot both short and long-term changes in your rankings.


By default, we show the most significant ranking changes over the past seven days. You can sort by any set interval by clicking the appropriate header.

Below are some actionable ways to use this report.

See changes in rankings by tag

If you’ve added tags to your keywords, use the “Tags” filter to narrow them down.

How to use RT Grossing-2

See changes in rankings by location

If you’re tracking keywords in more than one area, you can filter them using the “Location” filter.

How to use RT Grossing-3

See changes in rankings by position groups

Filter for keywords that rank in certain positions and see how they’ve changed over time.

How to use RT Grossing-4

You can also set your own custom “Positions” filter.

How to use RT Grossing-5

See changes in rankings by search volume

Filter for keywords that have a particular search volume.

How to use RT Grossing-6

Track your rankings for SERP features over time

Hit the “Position History” dropdown, then “SERP features” and choose between “desktop/mobile” to see if there are SERP features for your tracked keywords and whether you’re ranking for it.

These are color-coded. Blue means you rank for it, and grey means a competitor ranks for it.

How to use RT Grossing-7

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