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Ahrefs API v2 has been deprecated

This documentation is for the legacy version of our API (v2), which was discontinued on March 1st, 2024. Existing API v2 integration apps are not affected and continue to work as before, but new submissions are no longer accepted.

To switch to API v3, please contact our Enterprise team. Read about API v3.

Documentation - pages

Contains the crawled pages. The result is similar to the crawled pages report found in the raw data export in Site Explorer.

Each request to pages costs 1 row.
Each result in the response costs 0.2 rows.
Using 'where' costs 5 rows.
Using 'having' costs 5 rows.


Column Type Where Having Description
url string + + URL of the crawled page.
ahrefs_rank int + + URL Rating of the page.
first_seen date + + The date Ahrefs' bot first found a backlink to your target website or URL on a given referring page.
last_visited date + + Most recent date when the Ahrefs crawler was able to crawl the page.
http_code int + + HTTP code that was last returned for the page.
size int + + Size of the crawled page, in bytes.
links_internal int + + Number of internal links found in the crawled page.
links_external int + + Number of external links found in the crawled page.
encoding string + + Character encoding of the page, for example "utf8" or "iso-8859-1" (Latin-1).
title string + + Title of the crawled page.
redirect_url string + + URL where the page redirects to.
content_encoding string + + Type of encoding used to compress the page data, for example "gzip" or "deflate".




      "title":"Ahrefs Site Explorer & Backlink Checker",